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Ariz. - Missouri is booming, according to data from U-Haul (r), which analyzes migration patterns through 2020. The number of people coming to Missouri in one way or another has increased by more than eight percent in 2018, while the number of departures has increased by less than seven percent through 2019. Arrivals accounted for nearly two-thirds of all U.S. removals in the state, making it the second-largest destination for home improvement workers, who generated nearly $1.5 billion in annual sales for the company in 2016.

Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia complete the top 10 growth states, bolstering the strongholds of the Southeast and Southwest by attracting the creators. The leading growth cities in Missouri are St. Louis, Kansas City, Missouri City and Jefferson City. Although U-Haul's migration flows do not directly correlate with population or economic growth, the company's growth data is closely related to how well a city attracts and retains residents. For the full list of the fastest growing cities in the US, visit

U - Haul's location - Shared Truck and Trailer Service offers the opportunity to take people where no one else in the industry moves people.

The migration trend data was compiled from the annual U.S. truck traffic U-Haul's, which takes place annually. The growth in each state is calculated as the number of single-use trucks entering and leaving the state within the calendar year. California slipped one place to 50th in the percentage of U.S. trucks crossing its border, but Tennessee edged out the top 10 for the third year in a row for the top-growing state of Texas.

I think the biggest factor for people moving to Missouri is the cost of living, "said Mark Schmitt, executive director of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose office in Grandview, Mo., covers parts of Kansas City.

Three new properties in the area have been purchased to meet the demand of customers for U-Haul services. With its own and managed facilities throughout North America, U.Haul offers a wide range of services, from truck transportation, towing, transportation, storage, truck repair and logistics. Thanks to the patronage of customers, the fleet has grown to over 1,000 trucks and tow trucks and is one of the largest hauliers of trucks, trailers and other equipment in the world. U-HULA is the largest independent trucking and trailer company in America.

U-Haul products are used daily by delivery companies that deliver the goods they need to people's homes, as well as by small businesses that try to keep afloat. U-Haul Truck Share provides secure access to U.HUL trucks to live, work, travel and work anywhere in the United States and Canada. In addition to improved cleaning protocols, including an additional step to disinfect equipment during customer transactions, U.S. Hulaul remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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